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Sports Vision

Whether it’s pitching a baseball, shooting a goal or returning a tennis serve, your vision is a crucial component for optimal athletic performance. Just as strength, speed or agility help you perform better; your game can be seriously impacted by your visual acuity, as well as specific visual skills. Sports Vision can enhance your competitive advantage by maximizing your overall visual skills and can protect you from the dangers of a sports related eye injury.

Sports Vision can involve prescribing specialized eyewear, such as contacts or glasses to enhance performance. We can also suggest the best protective sports eye wear. As sports vision specialists, we will assess your sports eyewear and vision needs and recommend the best solution to give you the edge you are seeking.

Good vision incorporates a lot more than 20/20 eyesight. Depth perception, peripheral visual, hand eye coordination and other skills are all necessary to maintain a competitive advantage in sports. A full vision assessment by Forsyth Family Eye Care will take into consideration your specific visual needs as well as the sport you play to determine the best combination of vision correction, safety, comfort, convenience and if necessary, skill related therapy to improve your performance. ​​

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