Prevent Nearsightedness?

Dr. Gurley was on of the first doctors in the country who was trained to fit contact lenses that can prevent nearsightedness.

What is MiSight?

MiSight helps slow down the progression of myopia in kids that have refractory deficits without other types of eye problems.

MiSight lenses are not intended to be worn overnight. A single soft contact is to be worn and then discarded at the end of the day.
How does MiSight work?

MiSight works to help slow down the progression of myopia in kids with myopic ametropia (blurry vision from nearsightedness).

MiSight lenses are placed directly on the eye:
  • One part of the lens helps correct the refractive error and improve distance vision in children who are nearsighted (just like a regular corrective lens works).
  • The lens also helps focus part of the light in front of the retina (the light sensitive layer that lines the back of the eye), lowering stimulus that lends itself to the progression of myopia.

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